Toilet Repair and Installation

Toilet Constantly Running?

If your toilet is running non-stop, the handle keeps getting stuck, or maybe the base of the toilet is leaking…it’s time to call Plumber Coral Springs and get that toilet fixed!

Is there anything that bugs you more than waking up at 2 a.m. and hearing the toilet in your bathroom running and running? Don’t put up with that stress another night! Give the plumbing experts in Coral Springs a call at (954) 344-2530! Plumber Coral Springs will fix that toilet on the spot so you won’t lose another moment of sleep!

We can help you with quick and professional service for any toilet repair that your home may need in Coral Springs!

Is your toilet:

  • Constantly running?
  • Leaking at the base?
  • Always clogging up?
  • Having tank problems?
  • Having valve problems?
  • Any other issue?

Call Plumber Coral Springs today at (954) 344-2530 to resolve any plumbing problem!


Have a toilet that needs a minor repair or one that matches the rest of the fixtures in your bathroom and is damaged? We can help you repair toilets that are not badly damaged and require some available parts to restore them back to working condition! Call our office today and provide details on your next repair project. We will help you in every way we can.


Moving into a new home, remodeling, or just need a new toilet installed? We can help guide you to the best models on the market today. From quiet flush to energy efficient models, we are experts on what works best in what environments. Let us help you pick the best option and install it for you. When you have expert plumbers installing your fixtures, you know they will be installed right the first time!

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